Inspiring Positive Change – Viridor Sustainability Report 2015

Viridor sustainability report 'Inspiring Positive Change'
Once there was ‘waste’ now there are valuable resources that must be recovered. Viridor are transforming waste into quality raw materials and renewable energy to improve the UK’s resource efficiency.
Key findings
  • Improved contribution to UK resource efficiency and energy security – 2.4 million tonnes recycled, 933 Gigawatt hours of power generated, 42% of all resources handled recycled or recovered.
  • Five new Energy Recovery Facilities delivered - business now operational: Five new ERFs – Exeter, Ardley (Oxfordshire), Cardiff and Runcorn I & II – now operational
  • £25 million investment in new advanced glass and polymers recycling facilities.
  • Industry award for excellence – Best Designed Recycling Facility, won by our Rochester Polymers Recycling Facility.
  • £12.8 million given for community benefit – over 580 community, amenity and environmental projects supported.

Viridor are throwing away old thinking.

Leading UK recycling and renewable energy company Viridor invites you to learn more about how sustainability is managed as part of its growing business.

Once there was ‘waste’. Now there are valuable resources that society must challenge ourselves to recover. By transforming domestic and commercial waste and recyclables into high quality raw materials and renewable energy Viridor are making a big contribution to improving the UK’s resource efficiency.

As economic and market conditions change, the business must adapt, change and be ready to meet new challenges. Viridor are delivering and growing as a business: transforming ‘waste’ for its customers across all sectors.

Its priorities match their customers' expectations. At the heart of this story is quality infrastructure, equipment, processes and people. Effectively working together strengthens sales, service, and safety. United by its values, the business can then be confident in how it delivers quality services, commercial value and new life to resources in a responsible manner.

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