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John Lewis - It's your business
John Lewis Partnership has published its 2016 Annual Report and Accounts including a sustainability performance review, accompanied by a more detailed online sustainability report.
Key sustainability achievements
  • Investment of £12,225,309 in community organisations, equivalent to 4% of pre-tax profits
  • The Waitrose Foundation celebrated its 10th year, having reached over 100,000 people in Waitrose fresh produce supply chains and launched a first-of-its kind partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation
  • Over 3,000 schools, nurseries and children’s groups registered with John Lewis’s flagship educational programme – Bringing Skills to Life
  • Reduced energy consumption per ft2 of trading floor area by 5%
  • Reduced Waitrose refrigeration emissions by 17.5%
  • Reduced Waitrose total food waste generated by 11.2%
  • Achieved its target to divert 98% of operational waste from landfill and increased recycling to 66.4%
  • Focused on lowering sugar content of soft drinks
  • Awarded MSC Best Fish Counter for the second year
  • Awarded Compassion in World Farming Retailer of the Year Award (EU) for the fifth time
  • Completed a detailed review of its approach to Human Rights in its supply chains and produced its inaugural human rights report
  • 91,500 Partners (employees) received a Bonus of 10% - equivalent to more than 5 weeks’ pay
  • Expanded the company’s diversity networks to encompass: Pride in the Partnership (the LGBT+); Faith and Belief; Unity (Black and Minority Ethnic); and TEN: Think Evolve Network (gender)

The Annual Report and Accounts and sustainability report addresses performance and progress against its material sustainability issues alongside a consideration of current and future trends and what they mean for the business.

John Lewis Partnership has launched its 2016 Annual Report and Accounts which includes a sustainability performance review, accompanied by a more detailed online sustainability report. The reports consider what the world will be like in 2028, 100 years from when the Partnership’s Founder, John Spedan Lewis, took over the business from his father and transferred ownership of the Company into a trust for the benefit of his staff. Trends considered include the proliferation of technology, resource scarcity, climate change, and health and wealth inequality and their impact on society, the workplace and the retail environment.

At the Partnership reports on its material sustainability issues, its targets, priorities and achievements in 2015/16, reflecting on what the trends will mean for the way it operates its business. Underpinning its approach to Responsible Business is its Constitution – a set of Rules and Principles first produced in 1928 by its Founder. These cover responsibilities to customers, suppliers, the environment and communities and include ‘Principle 1’ at its centre – ‘the happiness’ of its employees or ‘Partners’.

The Partnership has strengthened its governance arrangements with the appointment of a sub-committee of the Board – the Corporate Responsibility Committee. This Committee is chaired by a Non-Executive Director and will make recommendations to the Board in respect

Inaugaural human rights report – available at

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