Manchester Airports Group CSR reports 2014/15

This report covers the benefits of the Group’s airports, such as positive financial impacts an contribution to local skills and labour markets, and the efforts made to reduce environmental impacts.
Key findings
  • The Group has increased the value its airports generate for the UK and the communities in which they operate.
  • The Group has also significantly reduced its environmental impact.

Manchester Airport Group's annual CSR report demonstrates the wide and varied benefits of the Group’s airports, including the positive financial impact on the communities it serves and its contribution to local skills, education and labour markets, as well as the efforts the Group has made to reduce environmental impacts such as carbon emissions and noise.

At the same time as passenger numbers across the Group increased by 10.7% to 48.5 million, investment in energy efficiency has reduced carbon emissions from the airports by a further 16% year on year.

Complaints about aircraft noise are also down 24%, helped by a continued focus on improved operating techniques. These include increasing the use of both ‘Preferred Noise Routes’ which concentrate aircraft operations away from built-up areas and ‘Continuous Descent Approach', which reduces engine power during approach and consequently noise and emissions.

Neil Robinson, CSR Director at M.A.G, said:

“MAG's airports are true growth engines for the regions in which they operate.  Our airports help stimulate employment both on and around the airport site, and through the wider economy. In a year when we have transported record numbers of passengers, we have also managed to significantly reduce our environmental impact.

“Whether you are a manufacturer based in Rochdale, a start-up company in the London-to-Cambridge corridor or employed in the transport industry in the Midlands, our airports help you tap into the global marketplace and unlock your company’s potential."