Mitie Group plc Sustainability Report 2015

Mitie Sustainability Report 2015
This report showcases Mitie’s commitments to its clients, its people, and its suppliers as well as the communities in which it works and the environment.
Key findings
  • Mitie was in the Times’ Top 50 Employers for Women list for the fifth year in a row. About half of Mitie’s workforce is female, with the percentage of women in the higher income brackets having grown considerably
  • This year, Mitie become one of 16 companies to sign up to the Business Services Association’s (BSA) Responsible Cleaner Scheme, committing to best practice in the cleaning industry
  • Mitie also produced a Code of Conduct this year, encouraging all employees to do the right thing at all times, offering instructions on to how to apply Mitie’s core values and behaviours
  • Health and safety is a core priority for the group, and this year the group produced a series of videos, entitled ‘One lapse can last a lifetime’, instructing employees on safe behaviours at work
  • In partnership with Remploy, Mitie continues to help change the lives of thousands of people through its charity, the Mitie Foundation – with almost 400 people having been taken on by the company since 2006

Mitie's business is focused on helping clients run their businesses more effectively - encouraging people to challenge how things are done and inspire change.

The sustainability report is broken down into five sections, detailing Mitie's efforts to embed its core values and deliver on its commitments.

  • Mitie look after its clients properly, delivering a world-class service that creates long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships, as well as focusing on their social and environmental goals.

  • The career section of the report looks at talent and development, diversity, engagement and health and safety.

  • Reaching out to Mitie's local communities, especially in partnership with clients and suppliers, enables it to make a positive difference to surrounding communities.

  • Mitie believes in its responsibility to do everything it can to minimise its impact on the planet and reduce its carbon footprint.

  • All of Mitie's suppliers are encouraged to share its own high sustainability standards. Mitie also assist with the supplier's performance improvements.

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