The Prince's Mayday Network: Annual Report 2011

The 2011 Prince’s Mayday Network annual report highlights the progress that companies across the UK are making towards managing and reporting on their environmental impacts.

Almost 300 network members participated in the report back using the new free online reporting tool, The Mayday Sustainable Business Tracker and headline findings include:

  • Businesses of all sizes are starting to look beyond carbon to broader environmental impacts such as waste, water and travel.

  • Businesses in the Network are still focussing on incremental changes but hoping to implement more strategic solutions to the environmental issues the business faces in the year ahead.

  • Responsibility for environmental targets needs to be shared across the business. The benefits are far reaching and relevant to all functions.

Key findings
  • The Mayday Network achieved an aggregated carbon reduction of 19%
  • 77% of reporters agree that it is their responsibility to support suppliers in the UK and across the world to improve their sustainability
  • 89% of reporters agree that it is the responsibility of business to engage employees on environmental
  • 90% agreed that their sustainability startegy should include positively influencing customer behaviour