RELX Group Corporate Responsibility Report 2014

RELX CR report
RELX Group has created a culture of sustainability and corporate responsibility. This report outlines it's progress in six areas of the business and its objectives for the following year.


Achievements and 2015 Objectives of RELX’s CR programme


  • Compliance Committee review of Business Conduct has been completed, with board review pending

  • Establish a common approach to development and management of corporate policies


  • RELX have signed up to UN Women’s Empowerment Principles

  • The company aims to embed inclusive leadership as a core management competency


  • 'CR as a Sales Tool; sessions have been delivered to more than five sales teams across the Group

  • 'Customer engagement: sharing our CR expertise' webinar series will be created


  • Volunteering through the Two Days scheme increased by 6%

  • The company hopes to have 60% of RELX locations taking part in RE Cares Month

Supply chain

  • The Supplier Code of Conduct was incorporated into terms and conditions of purchase orders, 28,000 purchase orders valued at $500m

  • An increase of core suppliers as signatories to the Supplier Code


  • 72% of key locations now have five or more Group Environmental Standards

  • RELX aims that 50% of electricity used will be from renewable energy or Renewable Energy Certificates

The report

RELX’s principal risks as outlined in the Annual Report encompass CR priorities such as meeting customer needs, the importance of our people, ethical supply chain practice and the environment.

The company’s CR objectives are overseen by the board and CEO who also monitor performance against them and are responsible for embedding a culture of sustainability and CR through the organisation.

RELX has concentrated on management of the material issues; focusing on the areas within governance, people, customers, community, supply chain and environment important to our business. This report is informed by extensive internal and external engagement.

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