Report and Accounts 2011

Annual publication showing the developments, achievements and impacts for Business in the Community and its members over the past year.

Key Achievements in 2011:

  • Membership levels remained strong at 845, including 62 FTSE 100 companies, with 114 new members last year.

  • Record level of membership income, £5.3 million, underpinning a healthy financial position for the organisation.

  • Business in the Community’s (BITC’s) campaigns and members are now present and active in every major city in the UK.

  • Nearly 11,000 companies worldwide are engaged in our campaigns.

  • Businesses are continuing to use The Prince’s Seeing is Believing Programme as a catalyst for change. Last year, 637 senior business leaders attended a Seeing is Believing visit across the UK.

  • Our 24 Leadership Teams host 290 business leaders, as they work with BITC across campaigns, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • ‘Visioning the Future – Transforming Business’ has raised awareness and interest in the need to move beyond incremental change to transformational change. Through our leadership we have engaged over 350 companies through Visioning the Future events and workshops over the last year. In consultation we have now developed an adaptable methodology to support companies to innovate and trial new products, services and business models.

  • Internationally, through Business in the Community membership and the CSR360 Global Partner Network we have supported members and GPN partners across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, from Australia to the Ukraine and from China to South Africa. The Global Partner network now includes 115 partners in over 60 countries, over 35% up on last year. This year, for the first time, Give & Gain Day 2011 went international.