Resourcing the World, Veolia UK

Veolia Sustainability Report
Through case studies, progress and highlights this report shows how Veolia are innovating to 'Resource the World', adding value to its business and customers as well as the environment and society.
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Key findings
  • Veolia have changed its whole business model in order to contribute to the circular economy. 22% of revenue comes from circular economy solutions that turn waste materials, water and heat into new products and clean energy.
  • The company have put innovation right at the core of our business, investing over £10 million in innovations to date.
  • Veolia are reducing reliance on fossil fuels by creating energy from renewable sources. For example, it generated over 1.1 million MWh of electricity from Energy Recovery Facilities.
  • The company is collaborating with its customers to save and protect resources. For example, its intelligent water networks reduce leakage by monitoring water pressure, flow, quality and temperature.
  • Veolia currently extract more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits. This makes it one of the UK’s carbon positive businesses. In 2014, Veolia avoided 1.7million tonnes CO2e emissions.
  • The company aims to create resilient communities. 222 apprentices gained vocational qualifications as well as 46 ex-offenders on work experience placements.

The world’s natural resources are used to create and do so many things. They keep households running, businesses growing and communities thriving. But as a society, we’ve taken them for granted for too long. Between 1980 and 2020, we will have doubled how much we extract from the planet. And our increased demand for energy, water and materials has affected their availability, volatility and cost, and created unsustainable amounts of waste.

Our dependency on finite resources such as fossil fuels has also increased carbon emissions, leading to a changing climate with more extreme weather events affecting our communities. The need to act now is clear and Veolia is well placed to make its customers’ operations – and its own – more carbon and resource efficient.

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