Skills for Sustainable Growth 2010

A summary of the government’s new skills strategy.
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Skills are vital to our future and improving skills is essential to building sustainable growth and stronger communities. A skilled workforce is necessary to stimulate the private sector growth that will bring news jobs and prosperity’

Vince Cable & John Hayes

The government’s purpose: to return the economy to sustainable growth, extend social inclusion and social mobility and build the Big Society.

The government’s ambition: that the UK should have a world-class skills base that provides a consistent source of competitive advantage. However skills are not just important for our global competitiveness but also have the potential to transform lives by transforming life chances and driving social mobility. Having higher skills also enables people to play a fuller part in society, making it more cohesive, more environmentally friendly, more tolerant and more engaged.

Objective of the skills strategy: to deliver a skills system driven from the bottom up, able to respond to the needs of individuals, communities and an increasingly dynamic economy.Special attention is being paid to young people and those without basic literacy and numeracy skills and the strategy is founded on three principles: fairness, responsibility and freedom.



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