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Symantec CR Report 2015
Symantec made progress against their goal of 15% increased diversity by 2020. Symantec are actively pursuing meaningful change to their culture and internal processes.
Report highlights
  • Growing Symantec’s diverse workforce: In the reporting year, diversity increased overall by four percent towards their target of 15 per cent increase by 2020.
  • Growing cyber professionals: In fiscal year 2015, they invested nearly $3.2 million dollars and engaged 272,299 students globally in STEM subjects.
  • Symantec’s CR program, the Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3), in partnership with NPower and Year Up, successfully launched two pilot programs in three cities and saw the first cohort of graduates receive internships and full time jobs.
  • Growing employees’ commitment to society: Symantec has continued to expand its opportunities for employees to apply their skills to societal problems. Their goal is to complete 84,000 employee volunteer hours by 2020.
  • The company is setting firm environmental goals: By the end of 2015, it aims to certify all products as 100 percent Energy Star, and by the end of 2017 validate its products as conflict-free across all minerals.

Symantec consider the security of information central to corporate responsibility and leverage employees’ specialized skills to make the digital world a safer place, raise awareness of cybersecurity issues and contribute resources to communities.

Clear expectations for corporate responsibility performance are set by the highest levels of

Management through the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors.

Symantec identifies issues of highest importance to the company and its stakeholders:

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Securing Information

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Talent Management

  • Energy and Greenhouse

  • Gas (GHG) Emissions

As access to data protection, security, and privacy continues to dominate as a key societal issue in the connected world, our attention to corporate responsibility priorities enhances our ability to create business value” - Michael Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer

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