UBS Corporate Responsibility Report 2014

UBS Corporate Responsibility Report 2014
UBS has continued to report openly and transparently about its corporate responsibility strategy with this section of the annual report (p.315) and on the UBS corporate responsibility website.
Key findings
  • UBS’s total invested assets according to sustainable investment criteria were CHF 585.62 billion at end of 2014, representing 21% of its total invested assets
  • In 2014, UBS published a comprehensive document on our industry-leading environmental and social risk policy framework to ensure that its stakeholders have a good understanding of its approach to environmental and social risk.
  • In 2014, UBS further reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 7% year on year, achieving a 51% reduction from baseline year 2004, an early overachievement of its original target of a 50% reduction by 2016
  • UBS made direct cash donations totaling CHF 27.2 million to carefully selected nonprofit partner organizations and charities. Spending on the UBS Education Initiative amounted to an additional CHF 14.1 million
  • 12,428 employees spent 103,500 hours volunteering, an increase of 17% and 14%, respectively, compared with 2013

For the 14th year in succession UBS has incorporated information on its corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy and performance in its Annual Report.

At the heart of UBS's reporting is the firm's commitment to ‘UBS and Society’. This cross-divisional initiative, launched in 2014, encompasses all of the firm's activities and capabilities in sustainable investing and philanthropy, as well as its community interaction.

It also supports the development of a dedicated platform designed to provide clients with advice on sustainable investments and philanthropy. UBS aims to support initiatives that address societal challenges.

Read the report or find our more about UBS's corporate responsibility strategy.