Visioning the Future - The Forces of Change: drivers and trends

Forces of change: drivers and trends cover
This primer serves as a valuable point of reference for businesses investigating how long-term trends and sustainability challenges will affect them, prompting debate and deeper investigation.
Key findings
  • The global population will increase to 9 billion by 2050.
  • Population and economic growth will be dominated by emerging markets.
  • Resources will be more costly and less reliably available.

This report is designed to serve as a valuable point of reference about trends which may warrant deeper investigation and as a stimulus which we think may prompt further debate. It is particularly aimed at those business leaders who are keen to explore the opportunities to be had and risks to be managed as they shape their businesses to deliver healthy shareholder return in a rapidly changing global economy, whilst also making a contribution to securing the long-term health and well being of society and the planet.

It gives top line trend data plus an outline of opportunities and threats to business for a range of forces including balance shift, scarcity, transparency, connectedness and values shift, along with examples of businesses already responding to these challenges, and prediction of future trends.