Winning with Integrity

This ground-breaking report, Winning with Integrity, defined for the first time a corporate framework for corporate social responsibility looking across the whole of a business.
Social responsibility can help your business to succeed in three ways:
  • Build business sales
  • Build the workforce
  • Build trust in the company as a whole

How is doing good in fact good for your business? How can companies benefit from being more socially responsible? Is it really possible to combine this with business efficiency and competitiveness?

This report covers seven areas of social responsibilities that you can consider. Each volume explains how the area can affect business results and gives practical advice on how to tackle the subject – and how to measure how well you are doing.

The seven areas are:

  • Purpose & Values

  • Workforce

  • Marketplace

  • Environment

  • Community

  • Human Rights

  • Guiding Principles

These are areas where your organisation can get an extra business edge if you do things right – or lose out, if you do things wrong.

Not all of the areas will be applicable to all companies – for example, human rights might be less important for a smaller UK service company than for a large multinational.

However, it’s important to recognise that a company’s standing can be underlined – or undermined – by what it does in any of these seven areas.