The Barclays Developing Resilience Award: Databarracks

Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award 2018 

Action and Impact 
All businesses rely on IT, to a greater or lesser degree. However, nearly 30% of UK businesses do not know how much of their IT budget is being spent on business continuity also known as 'keeping the lights on'. Databarracks has been working hard to change this.  They  provide disaster recovery backup and business continuity as a service to small and medium size businesses (SMEs).  It is hosted in ex-military nuclear bunker data centres, hence the name.   

Through a series of free online tools and a podcast, the organisation wants small businesses to think about how best to build IT resilience within their organisations. “As a company we are passionate and obsessed with providing continuity to the UK’s SME market.  We feel that providing tools and information to help educate SMEs on the fundamentals of business continuity is part of our social responsibility,” says Databarracks’ managing director, Peter Groucutt.

Supporting more than 10,000 SMEs the company offers a number of free tools including a Risk Register and Matrix, which asks you to select all of the environmental and IT risks you face, and score them according to severity and likelihood.  There is also a Technology Dependency Map, which helps you to untangle your IT dependencies.  These free tools are being used 3,000 times a year by SMEs.