The Connected Places Award: Morgan Stanley

Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award 2018 

Action and Impact
London’s Tower Hamlets has the highest percentage of both children (39%) and older people (50%) living in deprived households in England, with residents facing multiple health and social challenges, not least of all obesity. In fact, in the borough, almost one in seven children aged 4-5, and more than a quarter of 10-11 year-olds, are obese.

It is an issue that Morgan Stanley, the global financial service firm with offices nearby, aims to address with its Healthy London initiative focused on nutrition, wellness and play.

The project was based on a six-month research project to determine the key health challenges for children in the area.   Within two years the project set out to deliver 14,000 healthy meals; fitness programmes and health workshops for 3,000 children and families; safe places to play for 2,500 children; access to health education and a community health advisor for 3,000 children and families. These are targets that Morgan Stanley is on track to meet thanks in no small part to the 2,000 hours volunteered by employees and an investment so far of £600,000.

The programme is designed “not only to provide a short-term solution but also to embed these processes and mechanisms, thus enabling the community to make a real difference over the longer term,” says Robert Rooney, CEO of Morgan Stanley International.