The Environmental Sustainability Award: Nestle UK Ltd

Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award 2018. 

Action and Impact 
As one of the world’s biggest food and drink businesses, Nestlé is clear about its approach to sustainability: it wants to grow its company while reducing its impact on the environment.  This means committing to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, use resources efficiently and encourage biodiversity in the areas where it has offices, facilities and factories.

So far, in the UK and Ireland – where it employs 8,000 people at 20 sites,  the company has reduced the amount of water it withdraws by 40.2% since 2010 (and 60.2% over the last ten years). It has been a zero waste business since 2015 and from 2018, it will abstract zero water from rivers.

Meanwhile, It has cut GHG emissions by 51.25% since 2010 and improved energy efficiency by 24% in the same timeframe.

When it comes to biodiversity, the company has integrated a ‘Working with Nature’ strategy to identify the key impacts and dependencies on nature across Nestlé in the UK and Ireland, implementing collaborative improvement plans for priority areas.

Next, the business will focus on reducing the emissions of its suppliers, a process it has already started. “Our supply chain includes many businesses in areas of the world that are most exposed to climate change,” it says.