Introduction to CommunityMark - Recognising leadership and excellence in community investment

The CommunityMark is the UK’s national standard recognising leadership and excellence in community investment. This document contains information about the CommunityMark process and additional support that BITC offers businesses striving for excellence in community investment.
The CommunityMark challenges companies to minimise their negative and maximise their positive impact on society by taking a holistic approach to community investment, which means they are good from the inside, out. The CommunityMark highlights how organisations are transforming their business by integrating responsible business practices and transforming the communities in which they operate, creating positive impacts for society.
    “The CommunityMark is a fresh and sensible approach to providing a deep clean on the management and delivery of corporate community investment. It provided a framework for Linklaters to consolidate and validate why it was doing what we were doing.”
Matt Sparkes, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Linklaters LLP
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