The Fujitsu Digital Innovation Award: Freeformers

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Finalist for Business in the Community's Fujitsu Digital Innovation Award 2019.

Freeformers: Scaling up learning and development to get the world ready for a digital economy
The world of work is changing. Freeformers is a company that helps people embrace these changes by training them within companies and helping them develop digital skills.
The company’s Digital Skills Training Programme, in partnership with Facebook, seeks to help 75,000 young people across Europe develop the confidence and skills they need for future employment in a digital economy over the next two years.
Freeformers will use what it calls a future workforce model – a set of measurable attributes key to thriving in a digital world. “This takes the narrative away from learning focused solely on skills, towards a world where people have the right mindset and behaviours to be productive, effective and happy,” says the business.
For every person the company trains within an organisation, it also trains a young person in the community for free by helping them prepare for the future of work. Through online learning and events it has made a difference to more than 4,000 young people.
The business believes in enabling its customers to deliver its training for themselves. Collectively, customers have held 148 events so far. “Our initial interventions are often face-to-face at first, but then when a programme scales up it is delivered by local partners who use our learning platform to deliver the course contents,” says the company.
Information in this case study has been supplied by Freeformers.