The Gender Equality Award: Fujitsu

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Finalist for the Gender Equality Award 2019.

Fujitsu: Gender diverse shortlists for recruitment at heart of drive for gender parity
Fujitsu wants to involve more women in their plans to shape a better world through technology.
By 2030, the global IT services business aims to achieve gender parity. In the meantime, it continues to reduce the gender pay gap. In 2018, there was a decrease in the median gender pay gap to 16.3%, from 17.9% in 2017. According to an independent equal pay audit, bonuses paid as a percentage of base pay was -1.6%, in favour of women
But it is in recruitment that Fujitsu has made the most progress. The company uses gender diverse shortlists – making sure it puts as many women forward for jobs as men – to address male dominance, particularly in technical and sales roles. This, along with the use of an inclusive recruitment checklist, has had a positive impact, dispelling the assumption that there are not enough women available to apply.
Since gender diverse shortlists were introduced, five roles have been advertised, three of which were awarded to women. In four months, female representation in the sales team increased by 4%, to 21%.
In the past year, 37.61% of hires by Fujitsu’s internal teams were females after being trained on writing inclusive job ads and unconscious bias. Before this, just 24% of their hires were female.
“Not hitting our gender targets in 2020 is not an option, and gender diverse shortlists are the best option to drive change,” says the business.
Information in this impact story has been supplied by Fujitsu.