IKEA Cardiff and YMCA – Reclaim, Revive, Re-Love, Repeat

Award Type: 

Business benefits
Winner - The Wales & West Utilities Community Partnership Award
  • 2.4% increase in re-visitation from customers – both returning and new
  • Additional increase in sales over a pilot 3-month period of approximately £7,000
  • Diverted 1.8 tonnes of waste away from landfill, avoiding transport and additional costs

IKEA Cardiff is the only Wales branch of IKEA, a home furnishing retailer committed to creating a better everyday life for as many people as possible. Organisation-wide there is a commitment to supporting communities, helping them thrive whilst not contributing to unnecessary commercial waste wherever possible. 

IKEA Cardiff successfully built a partnership with YMCA Cardiff, based on the shared ambition to support the local community and address some pressing critical issues within the store’s footprint. The Reclaim, Revive, Re-Love, Repeat programme also placed great importance on supporting a key business priority of IKEA’s – that of managing and reducing waste (and helping customers to do the same).

The partnership with YMCA was built on strong foundations – key priorities for the business and the community organisation. This fantastic start was underpinned by sensible planning, regular meetings and resources being committed on both sides. Together, the team piloted and tested the approach and sought the views of service users at YMCA. Learning from the feedback gathered during this phase, the IKEA team added in customer workshops on reducing waste and clutter in their homes. Taking on board what IKEA does throughout the store, the team also built a dedicated drop-off space, in-store, to make it easier for customers to donate unwanted materials to the project. 

The partnership also allowed YMCA to raise funds from selling donated goods, funds that were used to build volunteering opportunities for around 30 homeless individuals that are engaged with the YMCA. With the ability to upskill themselves, 11 people from that group have secured paid employment. In-store, the project workshops attracted customers who all said they learned new skills as a result and 86% rated the experience 10/10 and were happy with the end product. 

As with many of the best responsible business programmes, IKEA’s Reclaim, Revive, Re-Love, Repeat programme, underpinned by the relationship with the YMCA in Cardiff, is very simple. The team examined a business issue and requirement and developed a responsible, integrated approach as a result – with positive benefits to all involved.

This was a true partnership, in every sense of the word. Congratulations to IKEA Cardiff and their partners, YMCA, this year’s winner of the Wales & West Utilities Community Partnership Award.

Wider benefits
  • 99% of goods donated were re-used by YMCA
  • Over £2,600 generated from selling the goods
  • Volunteering opportunities for 30 homeless individuals, with 11 going on to secure paid employment