JTI UK: CommunityMark Re-accreditation

Social impacts
  • Since 2009, 116,464 older people in Northern Ireland have received advice and support
  • Since 2010, 11,739 disabled people have been digitally connected across the UK
  • Since 2008, 23,500 classes helping 1,500 homeless and vulnerably housed adults into sustained employment across the country
  • 900 older people across the UK are attending monthly tea-party friendship groups in their local neighbourhoods
  • Each year 250 older, socially isolated men enjoy camaraderie and friendship at Men in Sheds workshops in Cheshire
CommunityMark re-accreditation

JTI UK has been re-accredited with the CommunityMark in recognition of its strategic approach to identifying social need and its commitment to continuous improvement across its programme. This approach is brought to life by exceptional employee involvement which includes employee committees which engage with local partners and skills-based volunteering as well as an inspirational approach to partnership management.

JTI is a leading international tobacco company employing 40,000 people around the world. Its goal is to improve the lives of disadvantaged adults through addressing issues such as poverty alleviation, adult education, quality of life for those with a disability and social isolation amongst older members of society. JTI also widens access to the arts through its cultural support with a specific focus on inclusion for disadvantaged sections of the community.

It is clear that JTI go to great lengths to strive for excellence and ensure that all community investment activities are managed to maximise positive social outcomes

- CommunityMark Independent Review

Since its 2014 submission, JTI has applied transformational and inspiring changes in its approach to impact measurement and has been on an evaluation journey, both internally at JTI and with partner organisations. This clear demonstration of its commitment to continuous improvement included working with partners to improve their organisational capacity – bringing them on the impact evaluation journey and seeking to draw on partners’ areas of strengths and upskill and support partners wherever required.

It is clear that JTI has exceptional governance and internal structures in place to support its community investment, alongside solid stakeholder and internal engagement, and a strategic process for identifying key issues, social need and who to work with.

There are employee led Community Care Committees at each of JTI’s locations which look at local issues and support local charities. The devolved nature of this community investment ensures this activity is varied, locally relevant and often innovative.

The involvement and enthusiasm of JTI’s people is clear, and in 2017 alone, more than 387 employees volunteered across a whole range of projects including volunteering as teaching assistants in adult education classes, at residential homes for people with a disability and as hosts at regular friendship group tea parties for local older people in Crewe and Weybridge.  Additionally, employees have raised extra funds through a company-wide team fundraising activities.



Business impacts
  • JTI's Community Investment programme engages and motivates employees with an annual engagement rate of 66% and volunteering rate of 48%
  • JTI’s volunteering programme is a fully integrated tool for delivering learning and development objectives and employee skills development. Last year, 77% of volunteers improved their job related skills
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