Learn more about how Ricoh is extending the working life of its products, parts, consumables and embodied resources


Ricoh remanufactures or refurbishes many of its products to extend the working life of the products, parts, consumables and embodied resources.  Remanufactured products go through full Ricoh factory reassembly, reusing around 85% (by weight) of the original ‘first life’ components, and are remarketed with full factory warrantee.  All remanufactured or refurbished items undergo rigorous Quality Control to ensure outstanding continued product performance.

In 1994 Ricoh devised the The Comet CircleTM, a ‘resource recirculation’ concept for maximising the reuse of finished goods and/or their refined materials in order to minimise inputs of new virgin raw materials.  The mindshift has been to regard used products not as waste but as valuable resources.  The Comet CircleTM has been internationally recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as an exemplar of the Circular Economy in practice.


Ricoh exhibited at the Business in the Community Waste to Wealth Summit where over 200 leaders from business, government, academia and civil society gathered at the Waste to Wealth Summit hosted by event partner Veolia, at Veolia Southwark’s integrated waste management facility in London to tackle this challenge head-on.  HRH The Prince of Wales delivered a keynote address at the Summit in which he addressed the urgent need to tackle the resource issue in the UK and explain why business is best placed to meet this challenge. 

Find out how your organisation can take action and commit to the five vital Waste to Wealth commitments