The Unilever Global Development Award: WildHearts Group

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Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award

Action and Impact
Around 75% of women in the world are excluded from all forms of banking, according to WildHearts Group. “Due to their economic status, women endure such violence that there are more missing today than all the men killed in the wars of the 20th century. In countries where women are marginalised, poverty is rife,” it says.
The organisation confronts the issue by providing microfinance in 40 developing countries. It is an initiative that has transformed 163,000 lives, enabling predominantly female clients to grow micro-businesses and escape poverty. In fact, in 2017, the ratio of employees to lives transformed globally through microfinance was one to 4,680.
The scheme is driven by revenue from the WildHearts Group, a business supplies and training company, and delivered through its foundation to ensure that funds are ring-fenced in perpetuity.
“Research indicates that women reinvest 90% of every dollar earned into their families’ education, health and nutrition. By focusing almost exclusively on female micro-entrepreneurs, we deliver a triple impact: improvement in both nutrition and education of our micro-clients’ children as well as the personal transformation of the loan recipient herself,” says Mick Jackson, WildHearts CEO and founder.