The Unipart Outstanding Employment Award: Jane Jefferson Cleaning Ltd

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Action and Impact
Jane Jefferson Cleaning (JJC) says it is “making change happen in an industry that is rife with exploitation”. According to the business, which provides a cleaning service of employed workers into private houses across London, one of the biggest barriers to work in the sector is that there are so few companies that offer employment rights to their workers. “It is dominated by black and grey market trading and workers often come from backgrounds that make them even more vulnerable,” it says.
Instead, JJC is committed to drawing a line in the sand by attracting a local workforce by offering fair pay, rights and a chance for anyone that can clean well to get a job.
“At the age of 14, my grandmother Jane Jefferson went into service as a housemaid. She learned how to clean exceptionally and the importance of being treated fairly and treating others as you yourself would like to be treated,” says Jennifer O’Donnell, owner and director of JJC.
“We continue her legacy through our commitment to change the lives of low paid workers. We do this by constantly assessing what we can do differently and how we can attract workers from all backgrounds. We believe that everyone should have a chance of a job and workers should not be exposed to exploitation.”