The Unipart Outstanding Employment Award: Keoghs

Award Type: 

Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award

Action and Impact
Local unemployment in Bolton is above both the regional and national averages. Two postcode areas of the town are particularly badly affected by long-term unemployment, low educational attainment and low aspirations among young people.
It is here that legal services business Keoghs has focused much of its recruitment activity, reaching out into a challenged community to give young people real jobs with real salaries and real futures.
So far, 34 people have started a careers at Keoghs thanks to the ‘See Me, Not CV’ approach to recruitment which has prioritised qualities over qualifications, and enthusiasm above experience. The Sector-based Work Academy is “just one way we can give back to our community and create a sustainable recruitment process that reaches out to schools, colleges and job centres to offer young people who want to work a chance to do so,” says Keoghs’ CEO John Whittle. “It is not charity, it is a sound business decision that also benefits the community.”
From a financial point of view, more than £490,000 has been saved in benefit payments thanks to the jobs being secured. For Keoghs, vacancies have been filled both more quickly and more cost-effectively as agency fees of up to £1,500 per candidate have been saved.