The Unipart Outstanding Employment Award: Manchester Airports Group

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Highly Commended for the Unipart Outstanding Employment Award

Manchester Airports Group: Preparing for growth by ensuring local people have access to its jobs, regardless of background

The way Manchester Airports Group (MAG) focuses on employment is simple. The airport owner wants to makes sure that people living close to one of its airports understand that there are job opportunities available to them, regardless of their background or experience. 
It is a strategy that creates a long-term employment pipeline to support growth and allows MAG to equip its teams with the skills and employees needed for the future.

The programme, known as MAG Connect, has a number of components. Aerozones provide onsite centres for small children (who can see planes take off) and young adults who can meet the operational director or finance team to find out about different opportunities at MAG. In 2018, 6,588 children accessed an Aerozone facility.
MAG’s academies are available to all airport partners, placing anyone who attends into work. The company also takes on 50 apprentices annually and, through a partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and JCP, it supports areas of higher unemployment, placing its staff directly into DWP centres to encourage the uptake of work at its airports.
Finally, the MAG Skills College is a dedicated college that has just taken on its first 250 students.
As of 2018, MAG has supported 30,654 young people through their education and skills training – a 29% increase on 2017. 
With ambitious growth plans over the next 15 years, including a £1.5 billion investment programme, MAG must have a sustainable employment pipeline to fill the thousands of additional jobs it expects to create over that period. MAG Connect is helping to facilitate that.

Information in this impact story was supplied by MAG.