The UPS Environmental Sustainability Award: Sky

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Highly Commended for Business in the Community's UPS Environmental Sustainability Award 2019

Sky: Supporting innovation and removing single-use plastic from the supply chain 

The story of plastics taking a hold of our natural environment is one that has resonated with the 31,000 staff at Sky. So, the business launched a campaign on ocean plastic to galvanise the company, and show leadership on an issue that has caught the imagination of its customers. 

The aim of Sky Ocean Rescue is simple: to inspire people to make better choices for the environment, and to stop the oceans from drowning in plastic. 

The company is committed to remove single-use plastic from all of its products by 2020. 

It will use its voice – through Sky News and other programming – to help others take action. It has 23 million customers across seven countries. 

As part of its effort to find alternatives to single-use plastics, the business has invested £25 million in Sky Ocean Ventures over five years – money that will support innovations developed by the likes of Choose Water (making bottles from 100% biodegradable materials) and Skipping Rocks Lab (using natural materials such as alginate, an extract from seaweed, to create packaging). 

The campaign is bearing fruit. By 2018, Sky had saved 175 tonnes of single-use plastics thanks to a ‘remove, replace or re-use’ approach. Over three years, 1,000 tonnes of plastics will be removed from the supply chain. 

More than a million people have engaged with the business using the #PassOnPlastic Twitter hashtag. 

The information in this impact story has been supplied by Sky