The Lens on how tech, law and accessibility intersect in the world of business

The Lens podcast
Host Oli Barrett meets Nicki Clegg, CTO at Irwin Mitchell and Fadeia Hossian, Lawyer at Clifford Chance.

Host Oli Barrett meets Nicki Clegg, Chief Technology Officer of law firm Irwin Mitchell and Fadeia Hossian, Lawyer at Clifford Chance to discuss technology and law, how to make businesses more accessible and the future of work for humans.

The Lens is a Business in the Community podcast exploring responsible business in a digital age, powered by Fujitsu and supported by McCann.

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Time stamps
4:33 Fadeia discusses the impact of technology on her practice, her experience with visual impairment and the ways in which tech enables her to fulfil her role at Clifford Chance.
6:13 Oli and Fadeia discuss accessibility tools available for the visually impaired in workplaces and the areas where improvement is needed.
8:57 Fadeia describes her experiences with employers and potential employers.
11:50 Oli and Nicki Clegg discuss Nicki’s background, her time at The British Library and how her PhD in Climate Studies has informed her current work.
13:42 ‘A slightly crass observation, I don’t meet many female CTOs’ says Oli, addressing Nicki. The pair discuss the gender gap in senior tech roles and what change looks like.
15:30 Nicky explains her transition from a climate studies expert to an energy company and then into a law firm and the similarities and differences within each industry.
16:35 Nicki and Fadeia discuss the efforts of law firms to make positive use of CSR days and initiatives.
20:36 Oli asks his guests about practical examples of how technology is changing the world of work and for better or worse.
22:45 ‘What’s something you do in your role that you feel quietly confident that couldn’t be done by a machine or robot?’ Oli Barrett asks this episode’s guests.

Key findings