The Lens on Trust, trades unions and tech: what does it mean to have a good job?

The Lens podcast
Oli Barrett MBE talks to Frances O’Grady, General Secretary at The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and Sasha Howard a Product Manager at Freeformers, a start-up on a mission to change the digital economy.

Oli and guests discuss: good work, what it is and what it means; how technology can change how businesses operate in the future; the right kind of support at work; surveillance and the darker side of companies using employee data; zero hours contracts; and how we might all be able to really enjoy our jobs. Of course, Oli also asks Sasha and Frances who they would most like to meet for a coffee and for their recommendations on books to read and resources to dive into. 

The TUC comprises 48 member unions and throughout the episode Frances details how the congress supports and assists individuals and businesses, from artists and engineers to supermarket staff and teachers. Freeformers is a member of Business In The Community and has previously been awarded the Fujitsu Digital Innovation Award.

The Lens is a Business in the Community podcast exploring responsible business in a digital age, powered by Fujitsu and supported by McCann.

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