International Disaster Relief: Business’ Unique Contribution II

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This publication looks at the ways in which business is changing its approach to address the increasing frequency and intensity of natural emergencies.


Key findings

  • 80% of businesses work with a global NGO or charity on disaster relief.
  • 84% of businesses agree it is important for businesses to contribute to international disaster relief.
  • 79% of business respondents have provided corporate cash donations to International Disaster Relief
  • 86% of businesses agree International, Disaster Relief contributes to more stable and sustainable markets.

Climate change, urban migration, diminishing natural resources, population growth and conflict are increasing the frequency and intensity of natural and complex emergencies, therefore increasing the need for humanitarian intervention within communities. The last two years has seen significant progress.

The challenge for business now is to think holistically about its involvement and contribution to supporting international disaster relief and resilience and to go beyond cash. Increasing numbers of business are doing just that.