Response to the Business Innovation and Skills committee inquiry into the government's industrial strategy

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Business in the Community believes that business is the most powerful force for change in society, and represents this viewpoint to government in this response.


Business in the Community has responded to the government’s call for views on its industrial strategy, stating that the government should place sustainable growth at the heart of business, and recognise the activity and expertise of the private sector.

Other recommendations include:

  • Ensuring that this call for views will result in a clearer policy framework to support and incentivise business leaders to advance the responsible business agenda and address the long term challenges facing society,
  • The strategy should set out as an ambition to remove the distinction between the role of business in supporting social growth and that of the public sector.
  • Ensuring that the strategy speaks to the small number of large employers/ businesses as well as the large number of small businesses that contribute to 45% of our economy. These two sides of the scale need a balance of attention, with a balance of resource directed at SMEs.