Sustainable Business Toolkit

The Sustainable Business Toolkit provides practical guidance on how companies can create and test new innovative ideas that deliver commercial, environmental and social benefit.

Think, Test, Deliver

Business in the Community is working with companies to help them think about, test and deliver new models for sustainable business. Our Big Boardroom Agenda sets out the key questions every business needs to answer to start this journey and this website provides detailed information and approaches for tackling them.


Information to consider as you begin to identify the new products, services and business models for a world that needs to support 9 billion sustainable lifestyles by 2050.


How can leaders drive scale and transition from incremental improvement to create a truly sustainable business?


The next step is to test new products, services or business models at a scale that is large enough to learn from without being so large that the cost of failure would damage the business.


Visit our directory of other resources, from both Business in the Community and other organisations, to help you explore these issues further.