Addressing International Disaster Relief and Resilience: Guidance for Business

This publication, sponsored by GSK is designed to support you in developing a strategy for your organisation, including guidance on leveraging all the relevant tools at your disposal.

Every dollar invested into disaster preparedness saves multiple dollars in relief. It therefore makes huge sense to plan and prepare for disasters, taking a rounded view of the many ways in which business may be able to support the humanitarian relief and resilience effort, which at the same time supports environmental and economic recovery. 

The business motivations for action are many and varied and the potential to support the relief effort is immense. Matching business resources with humanitarian need is imperative. This guidance covers a breadth of subjects from organising your business response including agreeing the scope and limits and activation criteria to engaging with stakeholders; taking a holistic view of what your business can contribute to support the disaster management cycle, to developing partnerships and working with humanitarian partners.    

Guidance for Business, sponsored by GSK is designed to support you in developing the strategy for your business.  The document provides guidance to help you leverage all the relevant tools at your disposal from cash, core skills and competencies, to products and services, to help address the disaster management cycle.

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These smaller documents provide you with prompts and an overview to support the development of the strategy for your business. They work alongside the guidance and so where you require additional information please refer to the main document,