The City's Business: Helping young Londoners towards and into employment

This report outlines five key principles, and the simple steps, to help City institutions ensure that they are offering useful support for young people.
Five guiding principles for the City to help tackle unemployment

  • Walking the Talk
  • Target support where it is needed
  • Collaboration
  • Small and local is beautiful
  • Monitor and evaluate

The City is home to a range of institutions – businesses, Livery companies, charities, public bodies, educational establishments and cultural organisations – and all of these can, and many often do, play a role in helping young people to access and progress in work.

There are many ways that City institutions can help and there is invariably a solution that can fit with what each organisation can offer and wants to achieve – irrespective of whether it is already very active and looking for ways to develop a well-established offer, or perhaps starting from scratch.

Indeed, much can be learnt from the wealth of good practice underway: City institutions’ input can range from employing a young apprentice or offering work experience within the workplace to raising awareness of careers and aspirations of young people though workplace visits, mentoring and career talks.

By using five key principles, and the simple steps which follow, City institutions can ensure that they are offering useful support for young people.