Global Goals - take action by owning the conversation

Launching in September 2019 our Global Goals conversation kit will empower leaders to own the conversation. Driving change, both within their own business and influencing their business partners.

Not enough businesses are engaging strategically with the Global Goals to ensure the objectives are met by 2030.  Our ambition is for 100 Senior Leaders to commit to facilitate and report back on two conversations, one in their own business and one with a business partner reaching directly 200 businesses by 2020.

To achieve this our conversation kits are packed with tools and resources needed to drive change within a business.  

Early adopters will receive the support they need to inspire and challenge their businesses, and their partners. This will include guidance on format, audience and approach, as well as relevant content such as data and insights, impact stories, practical solutions and next steps.

To be one of the first 100 leaders taking part, please sign up below as soon as possible. A member of the Global Goals campaign team will be in touch before September 2019.

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