The Investor Project Toolkit

This five point framework helps companies make the case for responsible and sustainable business to their investors.
All too often, companies receive only token questions on sustainability from investors, while ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors are an afterthought among many of the biggest
investment managers, rather than an integrated part of investment decisions This creation of this toolkit saw Business in the Community work with companies to help bridge the gap between their business and investors, providing CR professionals and CEOs with practical insight and tools. It led to the five point framework below.

A five point framework for better engaging investors on responsible business.

Five point framework for better engaging investors on responsible business
It is based on insights from external experts, investor partners and the Business Review Group, whose members have been working to improve their own engagement with investors. Business in the Community developed this framework in November 2015 to support companies developing an investor engagement strategy on responsible business.

The five steps

  1. Clarify the relevance and impact of responsible business
  2. Carry out internal dialogue
  3. Proactive informed dialogue with responsible investment analysts
  4. CEO-led dialogue with financial analysts

Underpinned by:

  1. Engagement on responsible business with external market influencers

The Investor Project Toolkit is available for members to download.