Strengthening your workforce with talent from disadvantaged groups

The Department for Work & Pension's simple step-by-step guide to open recruitment, written in partnership with Business in the Community.


One of the most powerful ways employers can support their local communities and improve their business, is by making their jobs accessible to all. Greater diversity of life experiences brings with it a stronger workforce and a distinct competitive edge.

The Department for Work & Pension’s new toolkit, written in partnership with Business in the Community, is designed to help employers across all sectors review their recruitment practices to ensure they are open and fair for all candidates, including those from disadvantaged groups.

By following the steps in this simple guide, businesses can gain access to a largely untapped pool of potential talent, including long-term unemployed, ex-offenders, care leavers, recovering addicts, homeless people, single parents and military veterans.

The toolkit has been produced in support of the Government's See Potential campaign, which encourages employers to think differently about how they recruit and recognise the potential within people from disadvantaged groups.

Find out more about the Government's See Potential campaign.

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