Work inclusion: A guide to good practice for companies seeking to employ from excluded groups - full guide

This guide provides practical guidance in developing a Work Inclusion initiative as a strategic part of talent management, recruitment, staff retention or corporate responsibility.


This unique resource draws on the collective experience and expertise of leading UK-based companies who have undertaken their own Work Inclusion initiatives with their voluntary sector partners.

While the approach of each organisation has been unique, the aim of supporting individuals’ journey to sustainable employment with opportunities for good work lies at the heart of every initiative.

The guide covers:

Why providing good work for all is important to business and society.

Examples of best practice and lessons learned from companies in supporting the journey to sustainable employment for individuals.

A model for planning, executing and evaluating your own Work Inclusion initiative, including guidance on:

  • Developing a strategy and business case for promoting Work Inclusion in your organisation

  • Engaging stakeholders to help plan and secure resources for your initiative

  • Working in partnership with voluntary sector organisations specialising in recruitment, training and ongoing support of those returning to work

  • Monitoring and evaluating the impacts of a Work Inclusion initiative

It also includes case studies of companies who have successfully promoted Work Inclusion in their operations.


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