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Throughout our history, we have conducted research across a range of responsibile business issues.

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Published research

The Politics of Responsible Business 2014 - cover
Based on a survey of 151 MPs, this report reveals that they now expect local businesses to tackle a broad range of issues in their constituencies. Read more
Updated: June 2014
We have identified trends based on information provided by companies achieving the 159 Big Ticks – these trends give us a good indication of the state of responsible business in 2014. Read more
Updated: May 2014
Senior executives need to have a nuanced understanding of the social and environmental forces shaping our world, and know how to respond for the good of their organisation and for society as a whole. Read more
Updated: April 2014
Business in the Community’s CR Index provides insight into how leading companies are driving responsible business practice. Six key trends have been identified this year. Read more
Updated: March 2014
Fortune Favours the Brave details the opportunity for UK businesses to unlock around £100 billion a year in value from new innovation opportunities that address social and environmental challenges. Read more
Updated: July 2013
city buildings
Responsible businesses can offer greater long- term value and are less volatile – yet investors and business are failing to put responsibility issues at the centre of their discussions. Read more
Updated: June 2013
Business in the Community is participating in a major pan European research study (2012-15), funded by the EU 7th Framework Porgramme, into three key drivers for health: fair employment, social protection and early childhood development. Read more
Updated: June 2013
Managers are frequently faced with ethical dilemmas at work - this report explores the problem and offers recommendations on how strong values can be created and embedded. Read more
Updated: June 2013
This survey looks at the extent of private sector support and investment in culture in England in 2011/12. Read more
Updated: May 2013
Front cover of Access to growth and innovation: The case for working with small and medium enterprises
This report, produced by Business in the Community, supported by Santander, provides a number of case studies, demonstrating the business case for large businesses supporting SMEs. Read more
Updated: April 2013



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