IBM Start Summit on Sustainable Infrastructure E-Book

The ideas and outcomes that emerged from the IBM Start Summit on Sustainable Infrastructure has been captured in a new e-book.

Download the e-book.

Included also is a 60-day plan for the future - outlining proposals to work together to help solve the challenges of the cities/towns: Burnley, Leeds, Glasgow and North Fareham.

It remains clear that no one organisation can meet these challenges alone and a collaborative approach is key. IBM and Start are excited about the journey to come! If you would like to know more about this please contact

About the event

With a full turn out of 150 delegates the Summit was opened by Caroline Taylor, Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Citizenship, followed by Stephen Leonard, CEO who said that the 5 key things that city leaders need to create for success are:

  1. Doing more with less

  2. Forming a vision that makes cities stand out

  3. Seeking out opportunities for economic growth

  4. Involving the people in your communities

  5. Leverage the challenge of complexity

Start's Director, Joey Tabone took the stage to talk about Start's involvement and mission, the 9 Billion challenge, moon landings and a story about Albertopolis!

This was followed by 2 panel discussions to try and bottom out how technology can help create more sustainable infrastructures, how to get the funding necessary in the economic climate we are in, and how to get the right skills.

Start's contacts at Yougov presented some key stats on consumers thoughts and attitudes to sustainable transport, home energy and whether working from home is actually that helpful!

In the afternoon, the delegates were split into 4 workshops, each focussing on a real life "smarter city" challenge in Glasgow, Leeds, Burnley and North Fareham. The various councils were joined by the delegates who were invited to this event due to their various expertise in transport, infrastructure, funding etc.

The summit closed with a summing up speech by Caroline Taylor saying we need to make this challenge personal - it affects our own future families.

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