Blueprint for Better Business

An initiative begun by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and launched in September 2012.

The initiative seeks to inspire a debate on the purpose of business, on how business leaders can bring their personal values to bear more effectively in their corporate dealings and to highlight the imperative for change by business in rebuilding trust.

The Blueprint for Better Business offers the seven fundamental principles of Catholic Social Teaching – the dignity and value of people, the common good, solidarity, subsidiary, reciprocity, plurality, sustainability as a framework to business leaders to help them reconsider the purpose of business and how they might make more manifest their personal values in their businesses.  The initiative invites inputs from business leaders, academics, faith groups and NGO’s through ongoing a working group, ongoing dialogue with business leaders and conferences.

The initiative suggests that purpose of business is not just profit.  Business needs to define its success in terms of how that profit is achieved.  This requires business leaders to exercise leadership more in accordance with their personal values.

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