Edelman Trust Barometer

Edelman is the World’s Largest PR firm. The 2014 barometer is the firm’s 14th annual trust and credibility survey.

The 2014 Barometer research was conducted October/November 2013. The online survey sampled 33,000 people (27,000 General Public and 6,000 Informed Public respondents) in 27 markets around the world on their trust in institutions, credible sources/channels and specific issues and perceptions impacting trust in business and government.

Key findings:

  • Overall, trust in leadership has plateaued. CEOs and government leaders continue to have extremely low trust levels. Only one in four General Public respondents trust business leaders to correct issues and even fewer – one in five – to tell the truth and make ethical and moral decisions.

  • Actions CEOs can take to build trust include communicating clearly and transparently, telling the truth regardless of how complex or unpopular it is and engaging with employees regularly.

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