Long Finance Initiative

Long Finance is managed by Z/Yen Group and is supported by Gresham College and the City of London Corporation.


Long Finance hosts roundtable events, conferences and seminars; publishes research and thought-pieces from experts in financial services; promotes a sense of community; and runs four programmes which group different aspects of the financial system.

The initiatives key priorities are to:

  • Improve society’s understanding and use of finance over the long-term

  • Establish foundation that can ignite global debate on long-term finance

  • Examine how commerce should enable and encourage environmental and social sustainability


  • Expand frontiers and develop methodologies to solve problems

  • Provide evidenced-based examples of how financing methods work or don’t work

  • Hold conferences and training using collaborative tools

  • Build communities through meetings, networking and events


Key messages:

  • Publications: Finance Shorts series (concentrating on contemporary issues seen through a long-term lens);

  • Eternal Brevities (discussion on new ideas that encourage long-term view of commerce)

  • Long Finance Forum of Futurists (group of professionals working under Long Finance umbrella to formulate scenarios for the future of finance services)

Read more on the Long Finance website.