Long-term Investors Club (LTIC)

In 2009 Caisse des Dépots, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the European Investment Bank and KfW created the Long Term Investors’ Club. Today the Long Term Investors’ Club is composed of 15 major financial institutions and investors from all over the world.

The aim of the LTIC is to bring together major worldwide institutions and to encourage them to affirm their identity as long-term investors. Objectives include:

  • Encourage cooperation between worldwide long term investors

  • Foster belief that long-term investors’ ability to adopt long-term horizon in investment strategies is a defining characteristic among investors in global community

  • Play leading role by fostering stable investment behaviour in times of crisis


  • Establish international philosophy of long-term investment organizations; work with international financial, economic and political governance bodies to this end

  • Convening conferences and publishing papers and thought pieces

  • Annual LTIC International Conference the 4th was titled “Growth and Employment: the role of long-term investors” in October 2012

Key messages:

Among the first common achievements of the members, two major equity investment funds : the ‘Marguerite Fund’ (2020 European Fund for Energy, Climate Change and Infrastructure) and the ‘InfraMed Infrastructure Fund’(dedicated to long-term investments in sustainable urban transportation and energy infrastructures)

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