The Marathon Club

The Marathon Club was launched following the 2004 entitled “Managing pension funds as if the long-term really did matter”. The competition provoked new thinking and a debate about what fund managers could do, but also raised important challenges for trustees and their investment consultants.


The 18 members of the Club are institutional fund trustees, senior executives or senior specialists who had a proven track-record in playing a relevant leadership role in public and private institutional funds and endowments.

The Marathon club actively:

  • Focuses pension funds, endowments and other institutional investors (“institutional funds”) and their agents to be more long-term in thinking and action
  • Encourage more emphasis on being responsible and active owners
  • View to increase knowledge about how investment strategies could increase long term financial/qualitative buying power of fund beneficiaries

The Club publish materials to provide guidance to trustees/consultants on how they could foster a more long-term and responsible approach to investment and promote principles of Long-Term Long-Only (LTLO) investment

Key messages:

  • Published “Long-Term Long-Only” consultation paper
  • Published “Statement on Pension Fund Accounting”
  • Published “Behavioural Aspects of Investment Management Lessons from the Credit Crunch”

The Marathon Club is no longer active.

Visit the The Marathon Club website.