Sustainable Capitalism Project

Developed by the Committee for Economic Development, its aim is to use the research to stimulate change within the U.S. business community and the country more broadly.

CED Produced the Paper: 'Business Statesmanship and Sustainable Capitalism: Can Corporate Leaders Help Put America and American Business Back on Track?' This was achieved in conjunction with the Governance Program at the Center for Strategic and International Services (CSIS) and the American Assembly of Columbia University and CED conducted a year-long effort with leaders from business, academia, media and non-governmental organizations to identify concrete actions that business leaders can take to address threats to sustainable capitalism.

Suggestions embedded throughout this report include:

  • Business leaders to take a more expansive view of their responsibilities, to be more socially aware, and to practice what CED calls business statesmanship—recognizing that business leaders can promote societal health by engaging in and speaking out for the common good on key public policy issues of the day.

  • Business leaders are well-positioned to address key concerns about business short-termism, ethics and integrity, and (unfounded) suspicions that most business executives put their personal gain ahead of their responsibilities to others. They also are positioned to help the nation address its most pressing economic and societal problems.

  • The board and management should consider if they can run the corporation for long-term value and sustainability by factoring in societal imperatives and balancing the needs of all constituencies.

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