Tomorrow’s Company

Created by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), Tomorrow’s company are a global think tank delivering value for business leaders and owners by addressing the systemic and behavioural questions of business world. They aim to inspire generations of business leaders to shape the way they do business.


Tomorrow’s Company concentrates its work into “Corporate Governance and Stewardship” tracks. They have published “Tomorrow’s Capital Markets”, which outlines the complexity of the system and some of the fundamental challenges arising from the way in which current incentives are structured.

Key messages from “Tomorrow’s Capital Markets” include:

  • A growing appreciation that success should be measured in ways other than just financial performance

  • Current incentives of those in the system still work against the long term sustainability of companies

  • There is a growing sense the system has reached a pivotal point in its evolution and the time is right for change

  • Change needs to be created and owned by those in the system and those who are responsible for the system.


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