Responsible Business Live 2021

Enjoy highlights of Responsible Business Live 2021, a special celebration broadcast held on the eve of Business in the Community’s (BITC) 40th anniversary.

Practical actions and collaboration

Against the unfolding of the extraordinary past year, uncertainty has underpinned all our lives. The entire corporate sector is under a microscope at the same time as more of society turns to it to provide the leadership and the solutions to live and work in a more sustainable and fairer way. 

The Prince’s Responsible Business Network has always been based on practical action and collaboration. Forty years on, this could not be more relevant or vital.

There is no doubt the roots of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) have had an impact worldwide and with BITC moving into its 40th year, we will be calling for a significant change in pace and ambition in order to drive our vision for the future. 

  • How we must work together to ensure that COP26 pledges turn into action. 
  • How the learning from the past can inform and drive the Levelling Up agenda.

Responsible Business Live Highlights

Responsible Business Live Panel Discussion

Let us work together to make a
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