Roger Dix

Chief Risk Officer,
Wesleyan Assurance Society

West Midlands Leadership Board

Roger Dix joined Wesleyan in February 2013 as Chief Risk Officer.

He has spent more than 40 years within the insurance and reinsurance sector. An actuary by qualification, he has worked in risk for more than a decade and has been actively involved in shaping this part of the industry as it develops.

He has previously worked as Chief Risk Officer at LV= and the UK Life arm of Aviva. Roger heads the team managing the second line risk and compliance activity for the society and, additionally, is responsible for company secretariat, legal and procurement. He is a member of the executive team that leads the Wesleyan Group.

Roger is the Executive Sponsor for Inclusion and Diversity at Wesleyan and the Chair of the Inclusive Leadership Forum for West Midlands Combined Authority. He is a regular speaker at risk conferences, as well as a participant on intracompany projects to further the knowledge and awareness of risk-related matters.