Our priorities in Scotland

Business in the Community Scotland aims to grow the responsible business movement in Scotland.

Building a fairer society and a more sustainable future

Business in the Community Scotland challenges and supports businesses to tackle critical societal issues which are intrinsically linked to their business model. We drive change, at work and in communities. We do this by unlocking the ambitions of business for a fairer society using programmes, events and research.

Our approach in Scotland

Scotland has significant socioeconomic issues, but also some of the most innovative, exciting and ambitious businesses in the world.  Our members are keen to harness their significant resources in a movement to build a stronger, more resilient and productive country.

BITC Scotland will grow the responsible business movement in Scotland. By acting as a catalyst, facilitator and broker to a network of responsible businesses of all sizes, sectors and locations, we will encourage them to work collaboratively to create a fairer society and a more sustainable future that will:

  • Relieve poverty

  • Increase employment

  • Ensure access to and opportunities from education, and

  • To protect the environment

Ours is the only business membership organisation dedicated solely to socially responsible business objectives in Scotland.

Enhancing the Advisory Board

We have recently added more talent and expertise to the BITC Scotland Advisory Board. The Board provides strategic guidance and support in achieving our objectives. We will continue to grow the breadth and depth of experience on the Scottish Advisory Board throughout 2017.

SNAP-RB - A plan for responsible business in Scotland, created by business with government for society.

Take Action

Are you ready to be a responsible business leader and to guide businesses to become more socially, economically and environmentally responsible in Scotland? Find out about our Scottish National Action Plan for Responsible Business (SNAP-RB). Read about all the programmes we run to address the social and economic challenges in Scotland.